Frequently asked questions

When you apply heat to produce it immediately begins to destroy vital & essential nutrients needed to stay healthy. Enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protein, essential fats and fibre all important for growth, repair and maintain our bodies, some which begin to deplete with heat. 

Natural multi vitamins and minerals are proven to be more effective than supplements so whether you're a gym goer, runner, cyclist, or after great skin, hair and nails, Pura Pressed products are the way forward.

Cold Pressed juice is created by using a slow pulveriser and a hydraulic press to extract up to 5 times more nutrients and less oxidisation as standard juices, keeping it fresher for longer. The juice has a 4-5 day shelf life due to being unpasteurised for maximum goodness and cold poured before being sealed and delivered for your pleasure and the way nature intended. We are the only company to use such method in Cornwall.

To maintain maximum nutritional value, we refrain from using pasteurisation, HPP and we don’t use any additives or preservatives. We are flipping the industry on its head, instead of extending our shelf life we keep them short and whilst we continue to do this, we will always have a better product! All our products are made to order and can be kept frozen.

Unpasteurised means that the juices don’t lose valuable enzymes and vitamins during processing. 

A plant based diet consists of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses. No animal or dairy products are included. 

Our products are free from dairy, gluten, refined sugars, soy and palm oil. Some of our products are nut free too - if you want to double check with us, please do get in touch.

We know that freshly prepared food is important to you but we also know how busy life can be. It’s hard to find the time to prepare healthy food in-between work, the school run, the gym, shopping and socialising. That’s why we deliver healthy, natural pre-prepared food and drink nationwide.