Healthy, raw & organic plant powered food and drink

About Pura Pressed

When I launched Pura Pressed as a home based business in Summer 2014, I set out to create a natural nutrient rich product to help maintain good health, simple & affordable for everyone. Since then, the company has continuously strived over the years to create great tasting products, and with so much more to come, we have evolved into more than just a juice company!

So now in 2021, as we enter our 7th year of existence, we felt it was time we evolved once more, whilst staying loyal to our core values we felt that it was time we did more, and not just for our health. That is why we launched Pura Pressed Hemp, a new division of Pura Pressed, something we are extremely proud of and something that will keep evolving alongside our super delicious planet-based food and drinks.

But this will go further, something for our health and environment, hand in hand for a more healthy and sustainable future for us and our planet. More so now than ever during a time when it has been proven pivotal to be kinder to ourselves and our planet.

Refreshing plant based food and drinks produced in minimal batches and packed with vital nutrients. Our cold pressed juices and treats & desserts are completely raw, unpasteurised and contain no preservatives or additives. Nothing added, Nothing removed, Just Plant Powered!!

Why choose us?

Our range of cold pressed juices and raw treats & desserts are designed to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate your body from the inside. Pura Pressed products contain no refined ingredients and only natural sugars. This is our promise to you. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of the food industry by going back to basics and producing products with a short shelf life (no preservatives) and 100% natural ingredients. Our products are designed for maximum nourishment, not maximum profit.


Meet the founder...

Graeme Holland

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