Why We Love Cold Pressed Juice!

Cold pressed juice isn’t just delicious, it has incredible health benefits too.

Cold pressed juices aren’t made in the same way as the normal juices you tend to find in supermarkets in the UK. Traditionally, juices are made using a fast spinning blade which breaks down the fruit and veg. The flesh is then separated using centrifugal force, which is how many juice companies make them so smooth. This process is speedy and leads to a tasty juice but it also generates a lot of heat.

This is where the science comes in: Heat destroys many of the nutritional enzymes naturally found in fruit and veg. Heat also oxidises the nutrients in the fruit and veg, which dramatically reduces the benefits of the ingredients overall.

To make cold pressed juice, we don’t use any high heat. We put the fruit and veg through a hydraulic press which extracts the juice gently. This means that we get almost no heat and way less oxidation - resulting in juice with more natural enzymes and loads more nutrients.

In fact, cold pressed juice can have up to five times more nutrients than standard juices. Healthier juice!

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