Organic 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Organic 10% Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Full Spectum 1000mg (10%) Organic CBD Oil 

Pura Pressed Hemp CBD Is One Of The UK’s Most Affordable Organic Full-Spectrum Laboratory Tested & Certified CBD Oil Products – We take pride in knowing we are one of very few companies in the UK that can prove what’s in the bottle, quality seed to bottle. All lab tests are carried out in the UK, and a certificate of analysis comes with every purchase showing lab tested and certified CBD oil, for peace of mind.


Our CBD & Hemp oil is of high quality, grown and harvested direct on a industrial cannabis farm and is controlled solely by our partners. The hemp is then put through a process which extracts CBD-rich hemp oil, and quality tested before being infused with the highest quality Hemp Seed Oil

Industrial Cannabis Sativa L. Hemp strain is bred specifically on the farm and is processed using the whole-plant (stalk, stems, leaves and flowers), for their high amounts of CBD and next to zero amounts of THC – PhytoVista Labs test every batch here in the UK for THC levels under 0.2%.


The brand philosophy...

Our range of cold pressed juices and raw treats & desserts are designed to nourish, replenish and rejuvenate your body from the inside. Pura Pressed products contain no refined ingredients and only natural sugars. This is our promise to you. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of the food industry by going back to basics and producing products with a short shelf life (no preservatives) and 100% natural ingredients. Our products are designed for maximum nourishment, not maximum profit.



I've been getting delicious treats from these guys for over a year and a half and I've never been disappointed! Such lovely people!! Their business has been growing rapidly, with their range growing every time I come back.


Tried for the first time today (the new raspberry and white chocolate doughnut)! Absolutely lush! A new favourite! Can't wait to try more goodies! Xxx would definitely recommend! Xxx



No additives, preservatives, refined sugars or palm oil